New Video: The Beach At Dawn

Here’s a little video I did for “The Beach At Dawn” to start off your Friday—or weekend—on the right foot. It’s from my Sand In My Shoes EP. A nice little bit of summer fun in the sun.

I had an unusual situation editing the video: I kept zoning out while I was reviewing and editing the video…dreaming beach dreams. πŸ™‚ Independence Day is coming up next week. If you can’t get away to the beach, soak up the video like I did and grab some beachy music, like Sand In My Shoes! (Available in most online stores, such as iTunes, myspace, Amazon mp3 and Napster.)Β Liner notes for Sand In My Shoes.

Have a great summer, everyone! πŸ˜€

Summer Fun Sale!

My new ebook is scheduled to be released July 19th and Idiolith, in conjunction with Smashwords, is running a coupon sale of my other ebooks now through the 19th. They’ll be approx $3.74 (25% off) for the next 2 weeks with the coupon code on the Smashwords site. Smashwords ebooks can be downloaded in many formats so you can read them on any ereader–or on your computer.

Want a little music to listen to while you’re at the beach reading ebooks? Don’t forget last year’s summer album, Sand In My Shoes. Want something more rootsy and that will do a bit of good too? My EP A Tropical Depression still benefits the Red Cross. There’s been some very heavy weather this year (not to mention the Japanese earthquake and tsunami!) so please don’t forget to give to the Red Cross whether you have the album or not.

Keep your eye on my Truant blog “Idleness” for more info on the upcoming ebook. This one is a bit different. It includes songs, one of which was recorded by my band, Undead Monkey. Eventually I’d like to get the whole set recorded (the one that was recorded, “Incandescent Life” doesn’t have my original melody line). There could be an enhanced ebook edition of Joshua Mansfield and Sheri Zod at some point in the future, but there’s nothing in the works right now and no plans to do it, so don’t wait for that! The ebook (like all my ebooks) will be available in the major online stores (Borders excepted since they’re going bankrupt).

I hope everyone is having a good summer and that my ebooks and music can contribute to that. πŸ˜€

Just in time for summer: Sand In My Shoes!

My new EP, Sand In My Shoes is now available in online stores, iTunes, myspace, Amazon mp3 and Napster. (I was not able to get it into Rhapsody at this time, though previous albums are available there.) It’s a five song EP, so it’s cheap thrills. Cool, breezy music for sunny summer days. πŸ˜€

You can stream the full album in the sidebar widget or on my Facebook page. (You don’t have to have a Facebook acct to access the page, but if you do, you can click the “Like” button and scrawl on my wall.) There’s also a full stream in myspace music. (Albums tab, if you don’t click through.)

Liner notes for Sand In My Shoes.

Summer is already upon us down here on the coast. I hope everyone out there has a good one. Enjoy the music!

Coming Soon—Sand In My Shoes

That’s right, summer’s around the corner and I’ve got some sunny summer music for you. πŸ˜€ I delivered the five song EP today, so it’ll be trickling into stores in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on when it hits which stores. In the meantime you can read the liner notes for the album. πŸ™‚

Spring: when the Gymshoes are in bloom

Got an e-mail from a friend yesterday—all three Gymshoes albums are available from iTunes now! I’m in the process of getting my albums into online stores and they’re springing up sporadically like wildflowers all over the place, but should be in all stores by the end of March, first week in April at the latest.Β  These three albums— Lost In The Mix, Halloween Soundscape, and 3 EPs—will be available from: iTunes US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan; Amazon mp3, Napster, and Rhapsody (which includes iLike).

Here’s what you can find where, right now: iTunes has Lost In The Mix, Halloween Soundscape, and the new album 3 EPs, which is a compilation of 3 early EPs.Β Napster also has all three albums.Β Amazon mp3 has 3 EPs and Halloween Soundscape. Rhapsody just has Halloween Soundscape so far.

I suppose I should’ve made a fuss about the new release, 3 EPs, but it’s a compilation of previous releases, so a bunch of ballyhoo about it seems silly. Not that it isn’t good music. It is. πŸ™‚ So there. Maybe I’ll holler about it later.

At present the EP, A Tropical Depression, is still available through BlastMyMusic, with all profits going to the American Red Cross.

Right now I’m hustling to get links for the stores up everywhere: mirror site, myspace, Facebook, etc. Cleaning up some pages and probably going to do a bit of reorganization and yes, maybe even redesign on the official Gymshoes site and mirror site. A bit of spring cleaning as music blooms all over the ‘net. So pardon my cyberdust, it’s probably just pollen. πŸ˜‰

Fiji moves to Sand In My Shoes

After some reflection I’ve decided to move “A Piece Of Fiji”, which was a bonus track on A Tropical Depression, to the ongoing Sand In My Shoes project. It never really fit thematically with the other album, but does fit into the newer project. πŸ˜€ I’ve shifted the listing on the download page and made changes to the liner notes for ATD.

This spring and summer (so far) have been very busy for me, musically. Look for more post soon on what I’ve been up to. 😎

Funhouse and Sandy Shoes

Hi, everyone! First I must make abject apologies for being so slow to release new music. I’ve been having adventures with computers lately which has slowed me down.

Escape To The Funhouse: This is on-going project. The first track for this was finished earlier this year, but has not been released. I’m holding it back as new track for one of the download sites. However, the second track—which is the title track—is now finished and available for download today! “Escape To The Funhouse” is a fun, energetic bit of electronica. As promised, I’m now also releasing the mp3 for “Flutterbye Butterfly” which which was done for a video earlier this year. It’s the first track of a project I’m calling Sand In My Shoes. I haven’t yet written liner notes for these two projects; I’ll drop a note in the blog when liner notes are available.

Streaming Audio: If you haven’t been to the Gymshoes site in a while, one of the new things you’ll notice that I now have streaming audio in the sidebar and elsewhere.

Culture Foam: Gymshoes music has been chosen for the intro and bumpers of Culture Foam, a new podcast being done by writer and filmmaker Sandy Clark of American Scary fame. Culture Foam is an interview show looking at geeky topics from science to games. Creator Sandy Clark will be doing Culture Foam as a side project while he writes and looks for a new documentary subject. He says, “It is a great excuse to recycle my source material as a journalist and an opportunity to interview folks I have no business talking to.” It’s a catch all project for Sandy, letting him recycle interviews, his journalistic source material. One topic explored in an upcoming podcast will be the Drake Equation. Often presented as the best educated guess at the number of intelligent species in the universe, according to Sandy, it also makes a brilliant survey of the sciences. Sandy says he really wanted to use “Zen Garden Groove” with the Drake Revisited project, but decided to fold “B3 Boogie” into the larger Culture Foam project instead. “‘Zen Garden Groove’ had a fun, cosmic and thoughtful edge that sounded great as an opener for a discussion of science’s big questions and alien life,” Clark says. “When I opened the topic list up to geekier things, I went back to the Gymshoes catalog for something more openly playful. ‘B3 Boogie’ was it.” At present there’s a test podcast up featuring “B3Boogie” as the intro and a nostalgic chat about gaming with an old friend of his, but the real podcast should be up and running soon—and weekly!.

No more Sneakers: I must admit that the whole “newletter subscribers hear it first” thing has pretty much fallen by the wayside. The way it was supposed to work is that the dedicated fans download a pre-release copy of the music, tell all your friends about it, then when the music is officially released shortly thereafter, the buzz generated results in more downloads, comments on the blog etc. What actually has been happening is that when I give out a pre-release URL to download the music, subscribers and all their friends download the music, then when the music is officially released there’s no increased activity on the website—and no comments on the music, ’cause everyone and their dog had already downloaded it….and moved on. Instead of generating interest in the release, “sneakers” has acted as a total buzzkill. Which is why I’ve been moving away from it—and am now officially dropping the practice of pre-release downloads entirely.

Rock and Roll: Finally, some friends of mine in the bandPoets and Pornstars are touring right now. If they come to your town, don’t miss them! They have just released a single from their upcoming album. The single, “Rock and Roll” can be downloaded from all the usual sites. You can get more info on the tour and music from my fan blog:Reckless, Pretty & Wild. If you love rock and roll, please support this band by downloading their single, “Rock and Roll”. Thanks!