Three Years Ago Today!

Three years ago today Halloween Soundscape was released and I’m astonished at its popularity. It sells year ’round and has so far outsold all other albums and EPs. I’m gratified, thankful that the years of hard work I put into this project is being rewarded. It’s dark, ambient music—not my usual thing, but good not only for haunted houses & scaring trick-or-treaters (one little kid that came to my house scolded me for playing scary music!), but also for rainy days and nights reading scary novels. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it sells all year since it’s sort of a soundtrack album for books. Many of the tracks are based on scary classics. If you’re not familiar with it, you canread the liner notes and stream the album in the widget sidebar. (I’ve moved it up to the top for the fall season.)

The album is available for download from major online stores (iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3, Napster and MySpace Music). If you like ebooks, a horror novel I wrote some years ago will be coming out as an ebook this month! It would go well with Halloween Soundscape. Look for an announcement of the publication of Miasma within the next couple of weeks!

Mailing List Changes, Halloween Soundscape, New Video

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The EP, A Tropical Depression, which benefits The American Red Cross is now available from iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and Amazon mp3. I have ended my relationship with MusicBlaster as a distributor. In the future singles will be made available through the online stores listed above.

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Just in time for Halloween: I’ve got a new bit a video on YouTube featuring “The Witching Time” (and have redone my YouTube channel design and layout). Check it out!Β  This is the first year Halloween Soundscape is in wide release. As Halloween draws near and you’re reading spooky stories, decorating, and preparing to unsettle unwary trick-or-treaters, grab some Halloween Soundscape tracks to set the mood…and pass the word to your friends.

“The Witching Time” on YouTube

Yesterday and today I’ve been working on my YouTube profile since they’ve now implemented the new design/layout/options. I also uploaded a new video with a clip of “The Witching Time” from Halloween Soundscape. πŸ˜€ The video is short and amateurish as always, but it’s got a spooky vibe. 😯

The actual track is much longer than the music in the video. Track length is one of the things that makes Halloween Soundscape such a bargain: all the tracks are long, some excessively so, but with only 7 tracks on the album and the album price based on number of tracks, it’s a steal. πŸ™‚

Also, I’m tweeting tracks from iLike almost every day and am putting those tweets in my Favorites, so you can access them to listen or retweet any time.

Halloween Soundscape now widely available

Though it was released a couple of years ago, this year is the first year my Halloween Soundscape album will be available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3 and Napster. Want to hear it before you decide to buy? It’s streaming during the month of October on my myspace profile and all the time on my Facebook page (Music tab and also Boxes tab), as well as on my Gymshoesmusic website.

Please pass the word, share on your social networking sites, and write reviews on your favorite music store and/or my Facebook page. Though this album is good background for reading scary books, it’s “season” is really Halloween, which is a real short season. πŸ™‚ Please help me get the word out. Thanks!!!

Rave Review

First let me say that I survived Hurricane Ike. We suffered no home damage, but it made a big mess of the trees in the yard. The chaos in the aftermath delayed my newsletter/online ballyhoo of the Halloween Soundscape album—for which long-time subscribers are no doubt grateful. LOL—but other than that I’m OK. πŸ™‚

Rave Review: Dave Plesh, drummer for Run Devil Run, posted a myspace Bulletin about Halloween Soundscape when it was released for download in fall 2007. It’s such a rave (and raving) review I’ve decided to quote in in its entirity. (Used with permission.)

DAVE RECOMMENDS THIS FOR HALLOWEEN…And so would the rest of the [band] if they had a clue to what I’m writing about:

If you LOVE Halloween and need some REAL mood music, if your brain is about to squish through your eyes from hearing the CLASSIC “Monster Mash,” just one more time, if you want something that’s going to scare the hell out of you AND anyone who arrives unsolicited at your front door, then look no further!

Our one and only Gymshoes, curator of [our] always-up-to-date and wildly detailed [Run Devil Run] fansite has created some of THE Best Halloween music my aficionado ears have ever heard. I’ve browsed endlessly through dozens of internet radio stations only to be disappointed by kitschy, crappy versions of songs I didn’t want to hear in the first place. If you want the TRULY EERIE (and you should), then Gymshoes’…site is where you want to go NOW for that perfect Halloween atmosphere-setting music you need. Throwing a party this weekend? Hope to scare the bratty neighbor kids next Wednesday? Just want some COOL All Hallow’s Eve ear candy that you’re not likely to find anywhere else? The demonic aural musings from the nether regions of Gymshoes twisted mind is what you’ve been hoping for.

Check out “Halloween Soundscape” here…and if you dig what you’re hearing, download the whole thing for just a few measly bones.
Head over there now before I send the Grim Reaper after ya’; you’ll be damn glad ya’ did.

Halloween Soundscape is available this year for the first time on CD, released by Idiolith in conjunction with Independent Records.

If you already have the album, please forward this to friends!

Halloween Soundscape

As Halloween draws near, treat yourself to some spooky ambient music for the occasion. You can download either the individual tracks or the whole album. Most of the album can be previewed during the month of October on Gymshoes myspace page.


  1. Graveyard Ghosts
  2. The Witching Time
  3. A Disquieting Darkness
  4. Journey To Castle Dracula
  5. Loup-Garou
  6. The Monster Lives
  7. The Martian Invasion

I created this album over a period of years, doing one or two tracks a year, so I’ve lived with this music for a long time—and there probably isn’t anyone who has listened to it all as often and as closely as I have.Β  Over and over and over. Year after year.Β  And you know…it still sounds good. I’m not tired of it. Musicians, artists, writers, etc are usually the first ones to get sick of their work because of the staggering amount of time that goes into creating it and all infuriating minutia in the process.Β  If I ever get to the point that I hate it, I’ll let you know. πŸ˜‰

But if it hasn’t driven me crazy by now it probably won’t. Why? Because it’s not some cheesy sound effects album, but an eerie ambient soundscape. You can pipe it outside to unsettle trick-or-treaters or play it inside to wow party-goers. It’s also good background music for reading scary books! So, as the nights get longer and we begin that slow slide toward winter solstice, Halloween Soundscape is a great accompanying soundtrack. πŸ™‚

Leap Day 2008

Though it was announced in the newsletter (see previous post), I couldn’t let the day pass without noting that this Leap Day my first CD is released. πŸ˜€ It’s the Halloween Soundscape, admittedly an odd release for this time of year, but today is Leap Day, an “odd” day. πŸ™‚ This CD is the followup to mp3 release last fall which featured a new track, “Journey To Castle Dracula”. The CD also contains a new track, “Loup-Garou”, but this will be the last new track. The project I began nearly five years ago is complete with this CD’s release. The early release allows time to get wider distribution by the fall. I’d like to again thank everyone for their support and enthusiasm. Your response to the soundscape made this Leap Day release possible. πŸ™‚