Gymshoes is an upbeat person who makes (mostly) uptempo electronic pop suitable for dancing in the streets, spinning in the living room, and backyard boogie. She will not be held responsible for any tickets you might get for dancing in your car. She lives in the Houston area with her husband and a very-mixed-breed rescue dogs. Before she got sucked into all this electronic music, she was a rock-n-roll girl, writing songs and playing guitar. After twisting all the knobs on her amp, and flipping every switch, she still can’t find the “on” switch for “rock star”. Fortunately, she can always find the “on” switch for her computer, which is a nice little studio for creating diggable digital Gymshoes music. When not making Gymshoes music she’s writing books under the name Ainy Rainwater.

Her author site—A Truant Disposition—features her aptly-named “Idleness” blog, which amongst its ramblings occasionally includes bits of fiction. She is also on Twitter and Instagram.

She’s been told that for a musician’s “About” page she absolutely must say who she “sounds like” (Gymshoes!) and who her “influences are” (Brian Eno, Bill Laswell, moby) for the hoards of supposedly serious music people who cannot be trusted to click a button, listen and decide for themselves. 😆 Writing amusingly about herself in the third-person isn’t as easy as she thought it would be, but she just can’t bring herself to write something like, “I’m so cool and my music is so hot.”

Gymshoes music was featured in the movie What It Takes, a documentary about triathletes competing in the Ironman triathlon. After hurricanes Katrina and Rita she released an EP of songs, A Tropical Depression, the profits of which go to benefit the American Red Cross.

All Gymshoes music is released by Idiolith.  Albums are available from iTunes  (US, UK, EU, Australia/NZ, Canada, Japan), Amazon mp3, andother online stores. You can become a Fan of Gymshoes on Facebook, or follow Gymshoes (Ainy Rainwater) on Twitter and InstagramAiny Rainwater is on Facebook and would very much like it if you Liked. For a full list of where you can find Ainy Rainwater, aka Gymshoes —and Gymshoes music—check out the links in the sidebar. 😀