Your Privacy and Mine

The server logs your IP address (all servers log the IP, btw) and records which pages are viewed—but not who is viewing them.  The hits are used to generate statistics about who visits my domain name. What these statististics tells me, in a very general way, is how popular certain pages on my website are.

A valid e-mail address is required for posting a comment in the blog, Amp’d Up. This e-mail address will not appear on your post, though I will have access to it. It will not be used for spam, though I have on rare occasions contacted people if I have information related to their comment that I wish to follow up on privately.

I don’t like persistent cookies, but they do have some positive uses. Cookies are stored on your computer. My server does not store information about your cookie. I don’t surreptitiously collect any personally identifiable information about you. I don’t want to know where you live or what color socks you wear. I have a high regard for personal privacy. I am a private person. I do not wish to compromise your privacy, nor do I wish for you to violate my privacy. Stalkers, flamers, spammers, and obsessive adoration are not appreciated.

If you wish to receive announcements about Gymshoes’ upcoming projects you can subscribe to the “News From Gymshoes” mailing list in the right column. The e-mail addresses collected will only be used to inform you about Gymshoes (very infrequently, I might add); the addresses will not be either given or sold to anyone for any purpose. Likewise, I expect you not to abuse the contact address I provide on this website. I respect your privacy, you respect my privacy; everyone is happy. 😀