Website Reorg: RSS Feed will change

In the very near future (maybe next week, not sure yet) this website will undergo a reorganization. We’re getting rid of the superfluous landing page at the domain name and moving the whole site up one directory. If you’re subscribed to this blog using an rss feedreader, you will need to get the new rss URL because the old one will go dead. (Ditto for anything you’ve bookmarked.)

The site will be down (I hope only briefly) and then pop back up with the homepage at Internal links here will initially be dead, but they’ll be fixed as fast as humanly possible. I’ll tweet when the reorg is happening and when the site is sorted out. Since many of you follow the blog in a feedreader I wanted to give you a heads-up. If you’re not already following my Twitter feed, @Gymshoes_, now would be a good time to start! 😉