Media Player Changes

Tunecore has discontinued their music player, so full songs will no longer be available in the sidebar of any of my websites. I’m sorry. This was the best way to “try before you buy” because the pieces are often long and small clips don’t always give the listener a good view of the whole. Can you stream the music via music services? Yes, on some of them, but please bear in mind when you stream songs by Gymshoes that I receive only a few cents (maximum) when you do. Streaming services are not kind to artists; they’re designed primarily to provide revenue for the company, not the artist. Musicians provide lots of quality content for streaming services…and get pennies for streaming. If you want to support artists you love, buy the music. Again, I’m sorry for the loss of the sidebar media player, but that — like how much/little I’m paid for the music — is not something I have control over.