Rain Suite

Hello, everyone!

Rainy Day Music We’ve had a lot of rainy days this summer which has inspired a couple of new pieces of music. Or one new piece. Your choice. The piece is divided into two sections, each the length of full song. You can download both pieces (“Lowering Clouds”, 5:07 min., 9.37 meg. and “Sweet Rain”, 5:49 min., 10.6 meg.) separately or download the one long piece (“Rain Suite”, 10:56 min., 20 meg.) in which the two pieces are joined with no fade out and a bit of extra instrumentation. While I wouldn’t call the music ambient, it’s also not pop, rock or dance. There are some crunchy bits, some rhythmic bits, some melodic bits. Think of it as mood music for an overcast rainy day. I’ve had this project on the burner so long that it’s seen me through a number of rainy days. It pops into my head when the skies darken and distant thunder rumbles. As always, you are hearing the music before I officially release it. I’ll release the new music to the general public September 19th.

At the time I was composing this we were having normal rainy days: it’s coincidental that the final mix and release of the music fell around the time of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. I’m working on new music that is related specifically to these events.

If you haven’t already…Please contribute to the American Red Cross. You can make a donation by credit card using this secure form on their site: https://www.redcross.org/donate/donation-form.asp. Select Hurricane Disaster Relief from a list on that page. Or you can call them at 1-800-HELP-NOW. (1-800-435-7669). Please mention Hurricane Disaster Relief when you make your contribution. For more donation options go to: http://www.redcross.org/donate/donate.html where the Red Cross has options for donating spare change, stock, inkind products, & airline miles. This page also has information on tax deductions, companies who make matching donations, etc. Scam Warning: There are numerous e-mail/website scams involving disaster relief efforts, including some that are purportedly “Red Cross”—and look legitimate. Always check the URL. If it’s the Red Cross it will be www.redcross.org. Never send personal or financial information in an e-mail.