Fleeing Hurricane Rita

Hello, everyone!

If, last Wednesday night, September 21st, you saw on TV thousands of cars, brake lights glaring, inching through the darkness along Interstate 10, then you may have seen me. I was one of those exhausted, anxious, people trying desperately—and unsuccessfully—to get out of the city ahead of Hurricane Rita, looking for gas and finding none. We did not make it out, but the storm turned so I and my family were safe.

Ironically, I’m in the middle of a service project for survivors of Hurricane Katrina and was working on a new song about the evacuation of New Orleans, when I had to drop everything and evacuate myself! We stayed at a hotel with a lot of New Orleans evacuees. I realize how fortunate we were and will redouble my efforts on their behalf and also do whatever I can for friends and family who were hit by Hurricane Rita. You see, my family and my best friend lived in Beaumont. I grew up there. I have no great fondness for the city, but a lot of people I love evacuated ahead of the storm and may not have much to go back to.

I just wanted to let everyone know that “Gymshoes” is OK, home and dry.