The predicted storms did indeed come in at sunset on Halloween night, but we still had a good turnout anyway. We never have very many trick-or-treaters and we may have less next year because I scared them all so badly this year.

Both years I’ve had the Halloween Soundscape playing I’ve had kids tell me the sounds scared them. I omitted “The Martian Invasion” from the mix both years since it isn’t traditionally spooky. This year the music loop began with “Halloween Hamlet”, then “The Witching Time” followed by “The Monster Lives” and “Graveyard Ghosts”. I burned that set over and over on a disk until the disk was full, hid the diskman on the porch, connected to small(ish) speakers and set it to repeat. Porch light on, front door open.

I had one girl in a fireman’s outfit come screeching in as the rain began to pelt down at sunset, but the goblins didn’t really begin to come around until later after the rain had mostly stopped. I don’t usually wear a mask and it’s hard to say if it was a hit or not. It depends on how you look at it. When I came into sight the first two little girls ran screaming down the walk. I had to hastily whip the mask off and assure them it was OK. That happened a lot. Though they were the only ones who really screamed I had kids fleeing all night long. I wasn’t doing anything spooky (like raising my hands in the photo). I was just holding a plastic pumpkin with candy in it. The eerie music probably heightened the effect. I spent the whole evening tugging the mask on and whipping it off, beaming brightly at the kiddies and cheerfully offering candy. The older kids thought the mask was cool and none of the parents seemed upset that the little kids were given a fright. Surprisingly the very little kids just stared at me, sort of puzzled, like they couldn’t figure out what was going on. One little boy after being initially frightened came back up and engaged me in a discussion on why I wore a scary mask. He was about four and came across as indignant that I’d do such a thing. I explained to him that his batman mask would be scary to bad guys, so his mask was scary too. He had a hard time getting his head around that and seemed inclined to argue the point but wasn’t articulate enough to do it, so took his candy and trundled off with his highly amused parents.