Working on new songs

This fall I’m working on a couple of new songs inspired by this year’s hurricane season. One is almost complete. I’ve got the backing track and a scratch vocal done. I’ve asked my MVB buddy, Buzzingstrings, to have a go at doing the vocal for me. I’ve heard his initial takes on it and it sounds really good. 🙂

I’m also working on a 12-bar blues thing right now which will also have vocals; I need a bit more work on the lyrics. Lest you think this is totally a rootsy, homespun project, I’m also thinking of throwing in a couple of totally digital pieces, too. I’m shooting for getting the whole thing done by the beginning of summer next year, specifically June 1st, which is the beginning of Hurricane Season. The working title of the EP is A Tropical Depression. It’s a play on the meteorological term, but I sometimes wonder if it sounds too…well…depressing. 😆