New music to be released April 21st

That’s right, folks…A Tropical Depression will be released two weeks from today. I started mixing the last song yesterday evening. Based on the rough mix I’m listening to right now, there’s no doubt it will be ready by the 21st. There will be a total of five songs, thematically linked. Three of the songs deal directly with last year’s hurricane season and the aftermath. I’m joined by guest vocalist Buzzingstrings on two of these. There will also be two pieces of electronica: the first an ambient world music piece I composed in January ’05 shortly after the Indonesian tsunami. There’s also a bonus track of electronica, called “A Piece of Fiji” which I’ve posted as a video earlier. Between now and the 21st I’ll be adding the album art, wallpaper, liner notes and lyrics. This afternoon I’ve been scrambling to get the release date announcement out everywhere. Here, the homepage, myspace blog, myspace Bulletin, the newsletter, the newsletter archive etc. If you don’t see it everywhere yet it’s because I can’t click the Send button seven places silmultaneously. 😆 There’ll be further posts about A Tropical Depression here when it’s released, if not before.

Keep your eye on the sidebar: at the top is the countdown and further down where it says “What Does It All Mean” you’ll see “A Tropical Depression” when the liner notes and lyrics are available. 🙂