Jellyfish In Captivity, Disquieting Darkness

Hello, everyone!

Jellyfish In Captivity The song, “Jellyfish In Captivity” from the Lost In the Mix album now has a video available. I shot some footage at an aquarium last year and edited it to the music. Because it was shot with a still digital camera instead of a video camera the quality and resolution is the same as the Piece Of Fiji video. It’s lovely in an ethereal sort of way, but not top notch quality due to the limitations of my production tools. The video is available from my YouTube profile.

A Disquieting Darkness I am currently working on a new soundscape for Halloween. The title is “A Disquieting Darkness”. What I’m doing this year is creating a soundscape specifically to be played as music to have on the stereo while reading a scary book. Naturally, it too, will be appropriate background music for your Halloween parties, though it will not have heartbeats, wails of banshees, moaning ghosts, or Martian death rays as assorted previous Halloween offerings did. 😉 “A Disquieting Darkness” will be released in October.

In the coming months I anticipate doing more collaborating with other musicians and songwriters.