Gymshoes Music Used In Movie!

The New Year has gotten off to an amazing start.

Soundtrack: A Gymshoes song (which was never released on my website) was used in the movie, What It Takes, a documentary following four athletes in the Ironman Triathlon. It is now available on DVD. (A big shout-out thank you to Michele for telling me about this!)

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Filmed in 2005, the movie was released on DVD October 19, 2006. The Gymshoes song they used is “Everest” which was never released on my website. This was one of a couple of songs I released on another site under a CC “by” license, which only requires the user to give credit. Though it’s generally considered common courtesy to tell the artist, it’s not required. All music on my Gymshoes site is released under a much more restrictive license which requires attribution, non-commercial use and no derivatives (like movies, video and remixes)—-unless you get my permission. “Everest” was later withdrawn from general release and is currently only available on the DVD. If I rerelease it in the future it would be under the standard license I use for all my other Gymshoes (and Undead Monkey) music. (Update: it is now available on the Download page.)

One of the reasons “Everest” was never officially released is because I considered it unfinished. Here’s the notes I made on “Everest” in January 2005. You can perhaps see why the filmmakers thought the music fitting for the grueling triathlon.

Concept: Climbing Everest. Long Hard Climb to the Top Of The World. No oxygen. Specifically thinking of Mallory and Irvine who died in an attempt to be the first to reach the summit. They disappeared without a trace and for 50 years no one knew what happened on that mountain. Then Mallory’s body was found; it was not on the route people expected and climbers now think they met with an accident on the way up and did not summit first. Mallory and Irvine were both young men. It was Mallory who when asked why climb Everest, replied, famously, “Because it’s there.” BTW, I’m not a climber and I hate cold weather; yet I read books about Everest. πŸ˜‰ I think this ambient piece captures the difficulty, the breathlessness, the physical effort that the early explorers of Everest, like Mallory and Irvine and later, Hillary and Tsing Norgay, faced as they battled the elements and struggled to find a passable route to the top.

Life and Death: My band, Undead Monkey, finished up the last song on the Life And Death project late last year and released “The Sellafield Bakery” the first week in January. You can download or stream that song as well as the others in the “album” (there’s only 5) from and read full liner notes on the Undead website. We’re already working on new music for an as-yet-unnamed project. πŸ™‚ Take a look around while you’re there: the website has been redesigned and reorganized. We’re in the process of redesigning the merch, as well. I hope to have some new Undead merch up soon. πŸ™‚

Never Fear! I will continue making Gymshoes music in addition to Undead Monkey music. I will continue to offer free downloads on the Gymshoes music site. πŸ™‚ Look for lots of new music in the New Year!