New Gymshoes Video, New Monkey Music

New Music, New Video: Today I released the video of “Flutterby Butterfly”. The video was shot (and edited) last year at the Cochrell Butterfly Center, but I only just now finished editing the music for it. The music isn’t at present attached to any project, but will be released as an mp3 on the Gymshoes site sometime in the near future. I’ve decided to change how I release music on the website. Instead of waiting until I have a collection of songs, I’ll be releasing new music as I finish it. This means you’ll get new songs more often. 🙂 You can view the vid on YouTube or better still…watch it on the Gymshoes myspace profile where it’s properly sized and therefore not-so-distorted.

Undead Monkey…And speaking of new music…A new song by my band, Undead Monkey has been released recently. “College Street” is part of the new project Undead and Kicking. Head over the the Undead Monkey site to read more about it, download and stream.