Soundtrack song, Everest Sunrise, now available!

I’m as surprised as you are to have another newsletter out again so soon, but things have been springing this spring. 🙂

“Everest Sunrise”, a collaboration with Marty Keil, which was used on the soundtrack of the movie, What It Takes, is now available on the Download page. I want to again thank Marty for his excellent work on the track. 🙂 The completed track has not been available anywhere (except the DVD) before now. You can read the liner notes here.

Also, I’m doing a bit of rearranging on the website. Since the release of the CD, it seemed awkwardly placed on the Download page, so I’ve created a separate page for buying music. In addition to the CD I hope to have some of the miscellaneous “missing” tracks once again available from an online retailer in the near future.

Oh, yeah, I’m also working on new music. 🙂

There have been increasing problems getting the newsletters past spam filters on servers. I’m extremely unhappy about this, as they are being blocked at such a high level that there doesn’t seem to be a way around it. If the problems continue, I may have to close down the newsletter, as very few of you will be receiving it. The absolute best way to keep up with news from Gymshoes is to add my RSS to your feedreader (MyYahoo, Bloglines, etc.). I’d like to once again urge you to do this now so you won’t miss a thing if the newsletters are blocked or discontinued.