Looking For A Drummer

I’m forming a new band. Not Gymshoes-type electronica: a guitar-oriented rock band. Original songs. (I’m rhythm guitar/songwriter.) Local gigs. Record and sell songs online. Including a handful of songs that’s already been recorded and released online with my previous band—as well as solo stuff—I have about two dozen original songs. I’ve got my own label for my solo stuff which could also release band music (if we wanted to go that route). I’m in this for fun but I’m serious about it, too.

Everything Flows From The Drums: I want to build this band by getting a drummer first (well, second counting me, LOL) because I feel like everything flows from the drums. I’m not looking for someone to just keep time, but for a drummer who will contribute something that will (along with contributions of other band members) make the songs realize their full potential. Someone whose drumming contributes substantially to the development of the songs. Creativity as well as time-keeping. I don’t want the band to be dependent on generic drum loops or have an ever-changing drummer sitting in. I think if I can find the right drummer that I’ll be able to pull together a terrific band, write better songs, and we can all have a lot of fun making great music together. 🙂 The vibe of a band, IMHO, is really dependent on what the drummer brings to it. 🙂

Location: SE Houston, Houston addys south of beltway 8, Pasadena, Pearland, Friendswood, Webster, League City, Alvin, Clear lake, Kemah, Seabrook, etc.

Must haves: Must have whatever gear you need to do your thing. Must communicate well with other band members, have enthusiasm, energy, creativity, imagination, a good sense of humor. Must be available on weekends for jam sessions, song development, rehearsal, etc.

NO: No druggies, tokers, smokers; no alcoholics recovering or otherwise ’cause I don’t want to worry about you if I have a beer; no drama queens, kings or other royalty; no negativity; no one who wants to divide their time between this band and another band.

Contact me: theundeadmonkey at gmail dot com