Hurricane Ike

We did evacuate ahead of Hurricane Ike. We’re safe, but not allowed to go back yet.  I don’t have internet access where we’re staying, so I’m only online via a hotspot for a very short time and not necessarily every day, though I’m hoping to get online briefly every day.  I appreciate all the messages of support. I’ll let everyone know if the house is OK after we go back…no idea when that will be. 97% of Harris County (eg Houston area) is without power. They were saying last night 4.5 million people were without power and today they’re saying 2 million people. There’s a lot of debris in the streets from what I’ve seen on TV, so our return home (assuming home is still there) depends on the streets being cleared, power restored and officials letting us in.

The important thing for you to know is that I’m safe. My family is safe and as far as I know all my friends who live in the area are safe. Nobody who evacuated knows what sort of shape their homes are in, though.:-(

Thank you for all your kind messages. I’m reading them all and will eventually reply, but I’ve got limited time right now.

Please give to the American Red Cross—and if you want to get something for your gift—all proceeds from the sale of the 3 tracks (“Whirlybirds”, “Hotel Me”, and “Katrina-Rita”) on my “A Tropical Depression” EP are donated to the Red Cross.