Home After Ike

We’re home. *Hip-deep* in tree limbs, but the house is OK. We’ve lost the 2 big trees in the front…part of one is on the house, but surprisingly as we remove limbs it doesn’t look like the house is damaged (gutter crushed, but everything looks OK otherwise).  We didn’t flood or leak during the storm.

I’m exhausted from dragging tree limbs across the yard. We’ve got phone, net, water, electricity, cable. We’re set OK for food and water. We’ve just got a lot of work to do in the front and back yard to clean it up. Got trees that need to be taken out, hanging limbs, etc.  Already getting estimates and doing as much as we can ourselves.

We’re tired and I think we’re gonna be tired for a few more days. 🙂  But we’re safe, the house is OK and we’re glad to be home. 🙂