Spring: when the Gymshoes are in bloom

Got an e-mail from a friend yesterday—all three Gymshoes albums are available from iTunes now! I’m in the process of getting my albums into online stores and they’re springing up sporadically like wildflowers all over the place, but should be in all stores by the end of March, first week in April at the latest.  These three albums— Lost In The Mix, Halloween Soundscape, and 3 EPs—will be available from: iTunes US, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan; Amazon mp3, Napster, and Rhapsody (which includes iLike).

Here’s what you can find where, right now: iTunes has Lost In The Mix, Halloween Soundscape, and the new album 3 EPs, which is a compilation of 3 early EPs. Napster also has all three albums. Amazon mp3 has 3 EPs and Halloween Soundscape. Rhapsody just has Halloween Soundscape so far.

I suppose I should’ve made a fuss about the new release, 3 EPs, but it’s a compilation of previous releases, so a bunch of ballyhoo about it seems silly. Not that it isn’t good music. It is. 🙂 So there. Maybe I’ll holler about it later.

At present the EP, A Tropical Depression, is still available through BlastMyMusic, with all profits going to the American Red Cross.

Right now I’m hustling to get links for the stores up everywhere: mirror site, myspace, Facebook, etc. Cleaning up some pages and probably going to do a bit of reorganization and yes, maybe even redesign on the official Gymshoes site and mirror site. A bit of spring cleaning as music blooms all over the ‘net. So pardon my cyberdust, it’s probably just pollen. 😉