A Tropical Depression live in iTunes and elsewhere

The rootsy EP I did on the heels of hurricanes Katrina and Rita is now for the first time widely available. A Tropical Depression is now available from iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, Napster. All profits goes to benefit the American Red Cross, so please tell your friends and pass it on. Once again, I’d like to express my gratitude to Buzzingstrings, aka Rick Ellis, for providing vocals on two tracks. He gave my songs powerful life and breath.

Below you’ll find links to the EP on various sites. The album is carried by iTunes US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Japan; the link below is presumably for the US store. Or you can search “Gymshoes”…it won’t be listed as a recent album because it was done so long ago, but it’s there! 🙂

A Tropical Depression on iTunes

A Tropical Depression on Amazon mp3

A Tropical Depression on Rhapsody

A Tropical Depression on Napster