Mailing List Changes, Halloween Soundscape, New Video

I’ve got lots of news. I apologize for not keeping up with the newsletters. There should be more timely newsletters in the future because I’m changing my newsletter mailing list to ReverbNation! (New newsletters will have better formatting, too!) To continue getting this newsletter, click this “opt in” link:

Please “opt in” if you want to continue receiving the newsletter! I don’t want to lose any of you in the transition!

Add a little Reverb: In addition to joining ReverbNation, I also have Bebo profile now via ReverbNation. If you have a Bebo acct you can add Gymshoes music to your profile: 🙂

Streaming Music: I once again have streaming widgets, with all my music, courtesy of Tunecore. You can listen to full tracks of all songs in the widget in the sidebar of You can also stream full tracks of all songs on my Facebook Page: (become a fan!) and iLike Profile. Selected songs are streamed in full on myspace.  (Currently the Halloween Soundscape album is on myspace, but that will change in November.)

The EP, A Tropical Depression, which benefits The American Red Cross is now available from iTunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and Amazon mp3. I have ended my relationship with MusicBlaster as a distributor. In the future singles will be made available through the online stores listed above.

Reviews: Please go to your favorite music store and leave a review of the album or songs you have. Most online stores have a place for fan reviews. I’ve also got a place for reviews on my Facebook Page, at the top of the Boxes tab. Leave a review there. Become a Fan. Tell your friends. I love it that you all are telling me you like my music, but I need reviews and recommendations in public places! Thanks! 🙂

Just in time for Halloween: I’ve got a new bit a video on YouTube featuring “The Witching Time” (and have redone my YouTube channel design and layout). Check it out!  This is the first year Halloween Soundscape is in wide release. As Halloween draws near and you’re reading spooky stories, decorating, and preparing to unsettle unwary trick-or-treaters, grab some Halloween Soundscape tracks to set the mood…and pass the word to your friends.