Myspace, Mexico and More

The new year has gotten off to a good start with Gymshoes music being added to two new stores. You can now buy my music from iTunes Mexico (in addition to a whole bunch of other international iTunes stores). Also, Tunecore has finally gotten an agreement with myspace Music so that indie artists on small labels (like me!) can now distribute/sell their songs from their myspace profiles.

Since a lot of people find me through myspace, this convenience will probably result in more sales, but I have to admit what I’m really excited about is that ALL my released songs are now available in their entirety (even the very long ones that myspace balked at uploading). So you can browse and stream everything now. 🙂 I no long have to agonize over which songs I put in the music player ’cause you can hear them all by clicking the “Albums” tab at the bottom of the player. The songs displayed by default in the player are ones I upload, so the list will include unreleased tracks from time to time, and new releases will show up there before they’re added to Albums.

A word about Playlists…With the addition of my music to the myspace music store, it means that my songs will always be there. If you don’t want the songs you add to your playlists to disappear when songs in the player are changed, please Add songs to your playlists from the Albums in the Albums tab. That way they’ll always be there. 🙂

Finally, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, I urge you to donate to All profits from my 2006 album, A Tropical Depression go to benefit The Red Cross. Whether you buy the album or not, please donate to the Red Cross. Thank you.