Spring Cleaning on the blog

The website reorganization is mostly complete. I still need to reorganize the blog’s categories and tags as well as sort through older posts, restoring those that are still relevant. The blog is only a small part of the site; one goal of the reorganization was to move the blog from the prominent homepage spot and have a proper homepage. Also to get rid of that clunky splash page at the domain home. The transition up one directory wasn’t as smooth as I’d have liked. The blog’s comments were a casualty, unfortunately. 🙁 The site is otherwise in good shape. I dropped a couple of superfluous pages and spiffied up a few things. I’ll be adding some of the older blog posts as time permits, but I may no longer archive all the old newsletters here.

I’ve got new music tumbling around in my head, so given the choice between doing music and cleaning up old posts, I’ll take music any day! And don’t forget…I’m also working on the sequel to my popular mystery, The Malice Plant. 😀 If you see anything that I really need to do on the site, please tweet me or comment, otherwise I’ll just sift through the blog’s archive file at my leisure, restoring a bit here and there.

Here is the new RSS feed for this site: http://gymshoesmusic.com/?feed=rss2