A Tropical Depression: 5 years later

Though it’s been somewhat less than five years since A Tropical Depression was released, we are coming up on the fifth anniversary of the events that inspired it. Five years ago this weekend New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina, then a few weeks later we were hit by Hurricane Rita. Rita wasn’t as bad as the more recent Ike for us, but Katrina five years later remains the mother of all storms in this area. Sales of A Tropical Depression, which my friend Buzz did some vocals on, still go to benefit the Red Cross. You can buy the song from: iTunes, Amazon, myspace, Napster, and Rhapsody. I have to say that sales of it haven’t generated much revenue because it was a free download when I first released it. If you don’t have this and you like rootsy music (which is what most of my songwriting is), pick it up and drop a bit of money to the Red Cross who do so much for so many in such difficult situations. It’s hurricane season: let’s fund the people who beat back the storms—and enjoy some good music while you’re at it. 🙂

Liner notes for A Tropical Depression