Get Smashed!

My first ebook, In The Hands Of Time, is now available on The book hit the Amazon Kindle store about a week ago. Smashwords, however, sells books in all formats, for all kinds of e-readers, mobile apps, or just to read on your computer. It takes much longer for ebooks to be “shelved” in other major retailers (eg: Border, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore), anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Smashwords cuts the lag — you can get it now there. And if you have a Kindle and haven’t yet bought it from the Kindle store, you can buy it in Kindle format from Smashwords. You can also download a generous sample of the book, review it, or share the link on social networks.

It’s a science fiction space opera. The description limitation on Smashwords really stripped down the description from what’s on the Amazon site. Here’s the full blurb:

When Jason Chenault lands at the remote spaceport of Zan, his only concern is finding a replacement crewman for his two-person ship and getting his next mapping assignment. But his quiet, lonely life is about to change. A religious fanatic from Earth has been killed. If that news were not disquieting enough, Jason’s new crew, Sien, is a visionary who spends too much time in disturbing visions. They’re ill-suited companions on a very small ship—and the ship becomes even smaller when they pick up the McGraths, a family from Earth. Do Sien’s violent visions hold the key to what’s happening on Zan? Or are they connected to the overbearing McGraths and their enigmatic daughter, Claire? How much power do they all have to change the universe around them—or the landscape of their own lives?  What Jason and Sien discover on the anything-but-routine mapping assignment, they—and their uneasy allies on Zan—must piece together before time runs out.

IN THE HANDS OF TIME is the story of a clash between cultures and human values, between age and youth, between business and humanity. In the end, what is each person’s responsibility to another?

It’s $4.99 from either Smashwords or Amazon—cheap thrills! Have a great weekend and enjoy!