Three Years Ago Today!

Three years ago today Halloween Soundscape was released and I’m astonished at its popularity. It sells year ’round and has so far outsold all other albums and EPs. I’m gratified, thankful that the years of hard work I put into this project is being rewarded. It’s dark, ambient music—not my usual thing, but good not only for haunted houses & scaring trick-or-treaters (one little kid that came to my house scolded me for playing scary music!), but also for rainy days and nights reading scary novels. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it sells all year since it’s sort of a soundtrack album for books. Many of the tracks are based on scary classics. If you’re not familiar with it, you canread the liner notes and stream the album in the widget sidebar. (I’ve moved it up to the top for the fall season.)

The album is available for download from major online stores (iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3, Napster and MySpace Music). If you like ebooks, a horror novel I wrote some years ago will be coming out as an ebook this month! It would go well with Halloween Soundscape. Look for an announcement of the publication of Miasma within the next couple of weeks!