The Malice Plant

The Malice Plant, my third novel—and the first of a possible series—is now available as an ebook for Kindle from Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as from Smashwords which offers it in many different formats—and has a free preview excerpt you can download as well. It’s being distributed to all the other online stores (iBookstore, Borders, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.), but it takes longer to percolate through the system for some stores.

The Malice Plant is a “cozy”, written in a light breezy style, set in North Central Texas (where I used to live). There is a sequel in the works.

After Ivy Willowby dies in her garden with a Malice Plant in her hand, Rosemary Wilde is stunned to find she’s the beneficiary of Ivy’s will—if she outlives the survivorship clause. With potential heirs buzzing around like angry bees, burglaries, and unexpected liaisons, the Cedar Lake Garden club isn’t lacking either dirt or manure. But who—or what—killed Ivy? When Rosemary decides to test the “curse” of the Malice Plant, she finds there’s more than enough malice to go around.

This is my third novel to come out as an ebook this fall. The previous two were in different genres: one science fiction space opera, In The Hands Of Time and the other an apocalyptic horror novel, Miasma. More mainstream stuff should be coming out next year, but for now—with these books which differ so widely in style, content and tone—there should be something for (almost) everyone.

The Malice Plant was a lot of fun to write. I hope you like it. 😀

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