The Rainmaker Project

I’ve added a new free download of a rain mp3 on the Downloads page! Some of you may remember that I do field recordings and have been intermittently working on a project of recording rain. So, I’m working on the files and will be releasing more as I get them sorted through and edited.

We’re in a severe drought here in the Houston area. We’ve gotten 1/5 inches in the past three months. (Less than that at our house.) Flooding is more typical of spring weather. Someone passed on to me today the stat that we’ve gotten the same amount of rain as the Sahara this spring. So much for living in a wet, tropical, coastal area. (sigh) I love rain, having grown up on the Texas Gulf Coast, so the drought has driven me back to work on the field recordings. For a while I was recording them faster than I could review and sort through them, so I’ve got a lot to listen to.

The project now has a name: Rainmaker. The previous field recording on the Download page has been renamed— both title and file name, but “Treefrog Rain” is the same file and “Pitter-Pat and Peeps” is the new track. I’ll be releasing another wonderful (and very long) track next week. I’m going to keep working on the rain files until we get rain and I can start recording again. 😀

So head over to the Download page and get yourself some cool rain. 🙂