This is it. “ThunderDog” which is now on the Download page will be the last rain track for a while. I have other projects to work on—and I don’t want to tempt fate by working on Rainmaker during hurricane season. 😆 LOL This track is a study in contrast: the rain is very quiet, light, soft, but the thunder is really crackling. So much so that it spooked the dog who can be heard to give a few barks near and far on the audio, as she moved back and forth, to and fro, in agitation at the storm. The occasional bark isn’t a big part of the audio, but I think gives a context to the storm, makes it less like a sterile recording in isolation. There is a danger of monotony with a project like Rainmaker. All rain and all storms don’t sound alike, but they’re similar enough that often what makes a track stand out are the non-storm elements, like frogs, birds, dogs, cars. It create a world in which this rain is happening. I’m still sifting through previous years of of field recordings and hope to bring you more free tracks (see the CC licensing restrictions on the Download page) either in the fall or next spring.

In the meantime I’ll be working on that long ambient piece I mentioned some time back as well as a couple of book manuscripts. My author website and blog is updated more frequently and is a bit more general in subject matter than this blog and I encourage you to pop over and take a look. There will be a certain amount of overlap but most of the material will be new because I blog there more often than here. So add A Truant Disposition to your rss feedreader.