New ebook release

For those of you with ereaders (or who read ebooks on your laptops and tablets), the last of my older books, Joshua Mansfield and Sheri Zod, has been released as an ebook. You can read more about it on my author site, A Truant Disposition. It may be especially interesting to those of you who follow Gymshoes music because the novella (it’s shorter than my other novels) includes songs, one of which there’s a recorded version of by Undead Monkey (melody line is different from mine). It’s a contemporary fantasy, more in the magic realism school of literary fiction than Tolkien (sorry, no elves). Though this is the fourth of my older novels to be released as an ebook, it was actually the third book I wrote. It’s a good rainy afternoon sort of book. I hope you enjoy it. Might go good with some of my Gymshoes music…If there’s a track that strikes you as good to go with this ebook, drop a comment, I’d like to know what you think! 🙂

Summer Fun Sale!

My new ebook is scheduled to be released July 19th and Idiolith, in conjunction with Smashwords, is running a coupon sale of my other ebooks now through the 19th. They’ll be approx $3.74 (25% off) for the next 2 weeks with the coupon code on the Smashwords site. Smashwords ebooks can be downloaded in many formats so you can read them on any ereader–or on your computer.

Want a little music to listen to while you’re at the beach reading ebooks? Don’t forget last year’s summer album, Sand In My Shoes. Want something more rootsy and that will do a bit of good too? My EP A Tropical Depression still benefits the Red Cross. There’s been some very heavy weather this year (not to mention the Japanese earthquake and tsunami!) so please don’t forget to give to the Red Cross whether you have the album or not.

Keep your eye on my Truant blog “Idleness” for more info on the upcoming ebook. This one is a bit different. It includes songs, one of which was recorded by my band, Undead Monkey. Eventually I’d like to get the whole set recorded (the one that was recorded, “Incandescent Life” doesn’t have my original melody line). There could be an enhanced ebook edition of Joshua Mansfield and Sheri Zod at some point in the future, but there’s nothing in the works right now and no plans to do it, so don’t wait for that! The ebook (like all my ebooks) will be available in the major online stores (Borders excepted since they’re going bankrupt).

I hope everyone is having a good summer and that my ebooks and music can contribute to that. 😀

Halloween Goodies

Things are happening so fast that I can hardly keep up! Especially since I was out of the country on vacation for a week! While I was in London, distribution of three of my novels as ebooks took a giant leap forward. All three are now available from Barnes & Noble and the iBook store for iPad, as well as Amazon US & UK. They’re also available from Smashwords and two of the three are in the Kobo book store. Just search “Ainy Rainwater”. That’s my nom de plume. 🙂 Or click one of the links below. 🙂 One is sci-fi, one horror, and one “cozy” mystery. Something for almost everyone. I’ve been scrambling to get the word out, so please tell all your ebookworm friends. 🙂

Mystery: The Malice Plant, Ainy Rainwater Amazon Kindle Store (US)Amazon Kindle UK, Smashwords, Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble

Horror: Miasma, Ainy Rainwater Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble.

Science Fiction: In The Hands Of Time, Ainy Rainwater Amazon US, Amazon UK, Smashwords, Apple’s iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes and Noble.

Also, don’t forget…Halloween is coming up…if you already have my Halloween Soundscape album, I know you’ll be playing it again, but don’t forget to tell your friends! It’s available from iTunes, Amazon mp3, Napster, Rhapsody and mySpace Music. Share the links with your friends!

I’ve been sharing on Facebook. If you want to connect there you can Like Gymshoes (music) Ainy Rainwater (ebooks) or beFriend me (Ainy Rainwater). My Truant Disposition blog is a bit more personal and writer-oriented if you just want to read some posts that don’t have me waving my arms and nattering on about new releases (like I do here). 😉

The Malice Plant

The Malice Plant, my third novel—and the first of a possible series—is now available as an ebook for Kindle from Amazon US and Amazon UK, as well as from Smashwords which offers it in many different formats—and has a free preview excerpt you can download as well. It’s being distributed to all the other online stores (iBookstore, Borders, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.), but it takes longer to percolate through the system for some stores.

The Malice Plant is a “cozy”, written in a light breezy style, set in North Central Texas (where I used to live). There is a sequel in the works.

After Ivy Willowby dies in her garden with a Malice Plant in her hand, Rosemary Wilde is stunned to find she’s the beneficiary of Ivy’s will—if she outlives the survivorship clause. With potential heirs buzzing around like angry bees, burglaries, and unexpected liaisons, the Cedar Lake Garden club isn’t lacking either dirt or manure. But who—or what—killed Ivy? When Rosemary decides to test the “curse” of the Malice Plant, she finds there’s more than enough malice to go around.

This is my third novel to come out as an ebook this fall. The previous two were in different genres: one science fiction space opera, In The Hands Of Time and the other an apocalyptic horror novel, Miasma. More mainstream stuff should be coming out next year, but for now—with these books which differ so widely in style, content and tone—there should be something for (almost) everyone.

The Malice Plant was a lot of fun to write. I hope you like it. 😀

Check out my “Ainy Rainwater” blog: A Truant Disposition.


My horror novel, Miasma, is now available as an ebook from Kindle (US) and Amazon UK. Also availableas a multi-format ebook from Smashwords.  You can download a looong excerpt from Smashwords, too.

It’s in the distribution pipeline for all the other major bookstores. I’m expecting both Miasma and my sci-fi novel, In The Hands Of Time, to hit the iBookstore, Kobo and some other online outlets in the next 1-2 weeks, then Borders and Barnes and Noble sometime after that.

My Halloween Soundscape album makes a good soundtrack to listen to while reading Miasma, especially the later parts of the book. It’s available from iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3, Napster and MySpace Music.

Get Smashed!

My first ebook, In The Hands Of Time, is now available on The book hit the Amazon Kindle store about a week ago. Smashwords, however, sells books in all formats, for all kinds of e-readers, mobile apps, or just to read on your computer. It takes much longer for ebooks to be “shelved” in other major retailers (eg: Border, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore), anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. Smashwords cuts the lag — you can get it now there. And if you have a Kindle and haven’t yet bought it from the Kindle store, you can buy it in Kindle format from Smashwords. You can also download a generous sample of the book, review it, or share the link on social networks.

It’s a science fiction space opera. The description limitation on Smashwords really stripped down the description from what’s on the Amazon site. Here’s the full blurb:

When Jason Chenault lands at the remote spaceport of Zan, his only concern is finding a replacement crewman for his two-person ship and getting his next mapping assignment. But his quiet, lonely life is about to change. A religious fanatic from Earth has been killed. If that news were not disquieting enough, Jason’s new crew, Sien, is a visionary who spends too much time in disturbing visions. They’re ill-suited companions on a very small ship—and the ship becomes even smaller when they pick up the McGraths, a family from Earth. Do Sien’s violent visions hold the key to what’s happening on Zan? Or are they connected to the overbearing McGraths and their enigmatic daughter, Claire? How much power do they all have to change the universe around them—or the landscape of their own lives?  What Jason and Sien discover on the anything-but-routine mapping assignment, they—and their uneasy allies on Zan—must piece together before time runs out.

IN THE HANDS OF TIME is the story of a clash between cultures and human values, between age and youth, between business and humanity. In the end, what is each person’s responsibility to another?

It’s $4.99 from either Smashwords or Amazon—cheap thrills! Have a great weekend and enjoy!

Ebooks and Music

My project to retrieve and reformat my early novels before data rot overtook them has been a success. The science fiction novel, In The Hands Of Time, along with three other novels (in various genres), is being published as an ebook by Idiolith. It is already available for Kindle from Amazon US and Amazon UK, with distribution from Barnes and Noble and Borders to follow (very soon, I hope).  My books are published under the nom de plume Ainy Rainwater. Two more novels will be published this fall: Miasma, a horror novel later this month (this will go well with my Halloween Soundscape album) and The Malice Plant, which is a mystery (potentially the first of a series) which will be published in November.

A while back I started another blog for my nom de plume, Ainy Rainwater. I haven’t publicized A Truant Disposition until now but with the ebooks coming out this fall, I expect more people will be wandering over to check it out. I hope you will, too. I must confess that I don’t quite know what I’m doing with it, but it will probably be a bit more personal and may metamorphose into a quirky kind of author’s blog.

Music: Summer is winding down, but you can have summer all year long with the Sand In My Shoes EP. This past weekend was the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and in a few weeks it’ll be the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Rita (which I evacuated from, though Ike more recently was worse for the Houston area). The EP A Tropical Depression which includes songs I wrote in the aftermath of those events still benefits the Red Cross. There’s never any shortage of natural disasters, but sometimes there’s a shortage of money. If you’ve already got the album, please give to the Red Cross as we head into what is traditionally the peak of hurricane season.

As always, I appreciate your support of Gymshoes. I hope you’ll enjoy my ebooks as Ainy Rainwater, too!