Undead Monkey: three new songs

Happy Friday!

My band, Undead Monkey, released its first three songs today: “Waiting For My Time” (which was featured on the Virtual Songcast podcast), “Incandescent Life” and “Cartoon Ninja Girls”. You can read all about it on our website and download the music either through a link there or directly from archive.org where the music is hosted (and streamed).

Have a good weekend everyone! 🙂

The Icing On Someone’s Cake

I’ve been lax about sending out newsletters with info on new Gymshoes music, so I’m catching up on the newsletter and the blog all at once. 😉

After the death of Mikerman, a very talented and much-loved guitar player who collaborated on MVB (myvirtualband.com) where I occasionally hang out, I wrote some lyrics which Ronnie Marler put a melody to. His vocal is awesome! 🙂 Now he has featured the song, “The Icing On Someone’s Cake” on his Virtual Songcast, with an interview with Marty Keil who also collaborated on the song and was a “real life” friend of Mikerman. (A full list of song credits is on the Virtual Songcast page.)

You can listen to the song’s development on the MVB forum board thread. The first mix posted by Ronnie is the “unplugged version” with his vocal, acoustic guitar and cajon. The first time I heard it I wept, but we were all pretty emotional after Miker’s death. However, “The Icing On Someone’s Cake” is not really about death; it’s about love and the joy of friendship. 🙂 It’s uplifting, with a bit of “spitting in the face of death” defiance to it.

The upshot of the lyric is that there are people in our lives who are “the icing on our cake”, people who give us joy, whose everyday presence we perhaps take for granted. Tell your friends how much they mean to you. Maybe they don’t know. Maybe it will make their day in the way they so often make yours. Appreciate your friends: they may not always be here.

The version featured on the songcast is the final mix. I expect this song will probably be featured on the next MVB Radio and end up on the Featured Songs page eventually, as well.