Three Years Ago Today!

Three years ago today Halloween Soundscape was released and I’m astonished at its popularity. It sells year ’round and has so far outsold all other albums and EPs. I’m gratified, thankful that the years of hard work I put into this project is being rewarded. It’s dark, ambient music—not my usual thing, but good not only for haunted houses & scaring trick-or-treaters (one little kid that came to my house scolded me for playing scary music!), but also for rainy days and nights reading scary novels. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that it sells all year since it’s sort of a soundtrack album for books. Many of the tracks are based on scary classics. If you’re not familiar with it, you canread the liner notes and stream the album in the widget sidebar. (I’ve moved it up to the top for the fall season.)

The album is available for download from major online stores (iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon mp3, Napster and MySpace Music). If you like ebooks, a horror novel I wrote some years ago will be coming out as an ebook this month! It would go well with Halloween Soundscape. Look for an announcement of the publication of Miasma within the next couple of weeks!

Ebooks and Music

My project to retrieve and reformat my early novels before data rot overtook them has been a success. The science fiction novel, In The Hands Of Time, along with three other novels (in various genres), is being published as an ebook by Idiolith. It is already available for Kindle from Amazon US and Amazon UK, with distribution from Barnes and Noble and Borders to follow (very soon, I hope).Β  My books are published under the nom de plume Ainy Rainwater. Two more novels will be published this fall: Miasma, a horror novel later this month (this will go well with my Halloween Soundscape album) and The Malice Plant, which is a mystery (potentially the first of a series) which will be published in November.

A while back I started another blog for my nom de plume, Ainy Rainwater. I haven’t publicized A Truant Disposition until now but with the ebooks coming out this fall, I expect more people will be wandering over to check it out. I hope you will, too. I must confess that I don’t quite know what I’m doing with it, but it will probably be a bit more personal and may metamorphose into a quirky kind of author’s blog.

Music: Summer is winding down, but you can have summer all year long with the Sand In My Shoes EP. This past weekend was the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and in a few weeks it’ll be the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Rita (which I evacuated from, though Ike more recently was worse for the Houston area). The EP A Tropical Depression which includes songs I wrote in the aftermath of those events still benefits the Red Cross. There’s never any shortage of natural disasters, but sometimes there’s a shortage of money. If you’ve already got the album, please give to the Red Cross as we head into what is traditionally the peak of hurricane season.

As always, I appreciate your support of Gymshoes. I hope you’ll enjoy my ebooks as Ainy Rainwater, too!

A Tropical Depression: 5 years later

Though it’s been somewhat less than five years since A Tropical Depression was released, we are coming up on the fifth anniversary of the events that inspired it. Five years ago this weekend New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina, then a few weeks later we were hit by Hurricane Rita. Rita wasn’t as bad as the more recent Ike for us, but Katrina five years later remains the mother of all storms in this area. Sales of A Tropical Depression, which my friend Buzz did some vocals on, still go to benefit the Red Cross. You can buy the song from: iTunes, Amazon, myspace, Napster, and Rhapsody. I have to say that sales of it haven’t generated much revenue because it was a free download when I first released it. If you don’t have this and you like rootsy music (which is what most of my songwriting is), pick it up and drop a bit of money to the Red Cross who do so much for so many in such difficult situations. It’s hurricane season: let’s fund the people who beat back the storms—and enjoy some good music while you’re at it. πŸ™‚

Liner notes for A Tropical Depression

Just in time for summer: Sand In My Shoes!

My new EP, Sand In My Shoes is now available in online stores, iTunes, myspace, Amazon mp3 and Napster. (I was not able to get it into Rhapsody at this time, though previous albums are available there.) It’s a five song EP, so it’s cheap thrills. Cool, breezy music for sunny summer days. πŸ˜€

You can stream the full album in the sidebar widget or on my Facebook page. (You don’t have to have a Facebook acct to access the page, but if you do, you can click the “Like” button and scrawl on my wall.) There’s also a full stream in myspace music. (Albums tab, if you don’t click through.)

Liner notes for Sand In My Shoes.

Summer is already upon us down here on the coast. I hope everyone out there has a good one. Enjoy the music!

Coming Soon—Sand In My Shoes

That’s right, summer’s around the corner and I’ve got some sunny summer music for you. πŸ˜€ I delivered the five song EP today, so it’ll be trickling into stores in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you posted on when it hits which stores. In the meantime you can read the liner notes for the album. πŸ™‚

Myspace, Mexico and More

The new year has gotten off to a good start with Gymshoes music being added to two new stores. You can now buy my music from iTunes Mexico (in addition to a whole bunch of other international iTunes stores). Also, Tunecore has finally gotten an agreement with myspace Music so that indie artists on small labels (like me!) can now distribute/sell their songs from their myspace profiles.

Since a lot of people find me through myspace, this convenience will probably result in more sales, but I have to admit what I’m really excited about is that ALL my released songs are now available in their entirety (even the very long ones that myspace balked at uploading). So you can browse and stream everything now. πŸ™‚ I no long have to agonize over which songs I put in the music player ’cause you can hear them all by clicking the “Albums” tab at the bottom of the player. The songs displayed by default in the player are ones I upload, so the list will include unreleased tracks from time to time, and new releases will show up there before they’re added to Albums.

A word about Playlists…With the addition of my music to the myspace music store, it means that my songs will always be there. If you don’t want the songs you add to your playlists to disappear when songs in the player are changed, please Add songs to your playlists from the Albums in the Albums tab. That way they’ll always be there. πŸ™‚

Finally, in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti, I urge you to donate to All profits from my 2006 album, A Tropical Depression go to benefit The Red Cross. Whether you buy the album or not, please donate to the Red Cross. Thank you.

Limited Time Preview of New Music

First newsletter from the new mailer! Thanks for making the switch with me. πŸ™‚ Though newsletters won’t usually be hitting your Inbox weekly, it’s been a busy week…

I’ve got a limited time sneak preview of five new tracks from my upcoming release Sand In My Shoes, on Facebook (Boxes tab at the bottom), myspace and ReverbNation. (Artwork is temporary, btw.) Sand In My Shoes will be released by Idiolith in spring 2010, or early summer at the latest. Get a little taste of summer before winter sets in and check out the new music! πŸ™‚